1 on 1 holistic coaching

Whether your goal is to learn how to deal with stress, career change/transition, weight loss/gain/maintenance, etc… I help you achieve your goal(s). This is your show, and I am your cheerleader on the sideline.


financial wellness

Financial Wellness is a big part of our overall health. Stress over finances and/or being limited as to what you can acquire/apply for because of your credit score is unnecessary. Let me help you:

  • Resotre your credit

  • Plan & Budget

  • Will & Trust



It is always a pleasure of mine to share my knowledge and help people in any way I can. I am available to speak to groups of all sizes regarding topics such as:


  • Financial Wellness

  • Woman Wellness

  • Sugar Blues

  • Weigh Less, Live More

  • Stress Management

  • Essential Oils/Aromatherapy