Vegan, Vegetarian or Me-arian



1. choosing to eat, dress, think, and live, according to what works for you and makes you happy. 

It brings me joy to see how health and wellness is becoming a "thing". So many more people are interested in fitness and food (whether it be for superficial reasons, i.e. to look good), or for health reasons, both, and/or other reasons all together; more and more people are being mindful of their physical activity and their what they're ingesting.  How great is that?!

This in turn,is bringing people together, communities are being built, new friendships are being formed, education is at an all time high, the list of benefits goes on and on. But with the good, must come the bad (balance, right)? One of the biggest issues I've noticed with the food trend is that people are putting themselves in categories/labels. Not that there's anything wrong with feeling like you're a part of something/group, but that can not only ostracize you in a way, it does the same to other people (not in the same category/group/label).

More often than not, I have people questioning my food choices (amongst other things).  You see, I eat a mostly plant based diet, but I am not opposed to eating (a good quality, organic, hormone/antibiotic free, grass fed) animal protein.  So when people see me eating an animal protein, I get the same reaction, "wait, aren't you vegan or vegetarian or something"? No. No, I'm not.  I eat whatever works for me and makes me happy.  I'm a Me-arian.

Now you may ask, "but Janins, wouldn't claiming to be a Me-arian, be just the same as saying you're Vegan or Vegetarian or whatever"?  No, in fact, it doesn't.  Being a Me-arian is specific and unique to you.  Just like fingerprints, we all have them, but each of us have a unique set of prints.  So just because we all have something, doesn't necessarily mean it's the same as the next persons.

So embrace being a Me-arian. Make choices based on what works best for you. There is no need to commit to a certain category/group (since life is always evolving).  Be open to changing things up according to what life brings your way and your beliefs at any given time. In the end, the only thing(s) we need to do the same is be kind and compassionate.


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