The Plan - 3 Day Detox Cleanse

I read about The Plan in an article and it sparked my interest enough to do some further research. Lucky me, they had a free version for Audible. It was so interesting I went ahead and purchased a hard copy.

We all know sugar is bad for you.  Too much salt is not good for you.  But this book was the first time I'd heard that inflammation is the root of disease and illness (to which sugar is usually the prime suspect in causing inflammation). The idea that you can test your body to see what foods cause inflammation and as a natural side effect, lose weight, I was all in.

The Plan begins with a 3 day detox cleanse to reset your palate and bring your body back to homeostasis in order to test different foods for the next 17 days.  These tests determine what foods you're reactive to, which cause inflammation and potentially give you other symptoms or activate something dormant.

This was my experience. 


Detox Cleanse Day 1 - 10/03

I weighed in at 177.2 (yikes, I've never weighed this much)!  I was sleepy in the morning and early afternoon, but that I can attribute to not getting enough sleep the night before and having my "fun" for the last time before I detox and go on this 20 day journey. Breakfast was interesting.  I love salty foods, so to have to eat 1 cup of flax granola with blueberries was not an exciting thought.  It wasn't too bad actually.  I don't like how flax gets all gooey once it gets wet, still not used to that consistency. By the time I had lunch, it was overwhelming to think of all the food I still had left to eat by 7:30pm, but again, probably overwhelmed because I hadn’t prepped as I should have because of my "fun". I was actually able to get my water in by 7:30, but by the time I was done cooking and eating, it was 8:30. Can I just say, the Spicy Coco Sauce [recipe] is life!

*My better half said I smelled like spinach (I tasted like it too, but that's what he gets for not getting in his serving of vegetables for the day, coño!) - side effect of liver detox pill/detox in general?  Can’t just be from ingesting kale since I normally eat lots of veggies.


Detox Cleanse Day 2 -10/04

Weighed in at 175.9, cool, progress, and my mood/energy is at 1,000%, I love it! I’m generally a happy person, not sure if the extra oomph has to with the excitement about the Cleanse/Plan and seeing what the scale will say, sleeping and waking up next to my better half, what I will learn in school this evening (because I finally found my passion), and/or other factors in my life, but I’ll take it! It beats waking up on the wrong side of the bed any day.

I’m hungry today. Perhaps I should’ve had breakfast a little later? For lunch I made sure not to skimp on the veggies and soup serving, as to not end up starving before dinner. Forty minutes later I was craving something salty. Give me chips, fries, cheese, bacon, etc..., any day, over something sweet.  I’d normally have plantain chips as a snack,  but I’m committed to getting through AT LEAST this 3 day detox (LOL). I decided to have my snack; it was tough to eat raw unsalted almonds, but I got through it, no biggie.  I also had no issue with the pear, it’s so mild.  BUT I must say, I ate this just to eat it, and not because I was hungry.  Since these foods are specifically chosen to produce chemical reactions in your body, I want to do the cleanse as perfectly as possible to achieve the maximum benefit. Dinner was nice and filling.  The only deviation I made was adding one cube of the Spicy Coco Sauce (life!) to the brown rice since I can’t use butter to cook with (just yet). I also used a shit load of spices for the rice because I can live without brown rice; now give me some white, Jasmin or Basmati rice and I’m all over it.

*It was a challenge not to drink water after a certain time.  I’m so used to drinking tons of water all day and at any given time, but again, I want to follow this to a T.


Detox Cleanse Day 3 - 10/05

174.4 Whaaaaat?!  Down 2.87 lbs.  I'll take it! Didn’t wake up as energetic as I did yesterday, but also not on the wrong side of the bed, so I’m still winning. I do have a peculiar rash on my hips (pretty random, I know).  Not sure if it was the almonds I introduced to my diet yesterday or perhaps it’s just my body’s way of expelling toxins.

I was really looking forward to today's lunch, Spicy Vegetarian Soup (which has Spicy Coco Sauce in it, YASSSSSS!). It was delish, can't wait to have that again. Dinner was a different story though.  I haven't prepared an animal protein in months, not to say that I haven't eaten any, I just haven't cooked it (I'm plant based for the most part).  On the regular, I don't like to handle slimy things (chicken is on that slimy list), but when I had to prep the chicken, I was extra skeeved. You're probably wondering why I didn't just ditch eating the chicken all together?  Well, I can't say I'll never eat chicken again, and the point of The Plan is to find out what foods I'm reactive to. Soooooo, I had to test it. 

I am ITCHY. AS. FUCK.  Tempted to take Benadryl, but then this detox would be all for naught. I've never been a fan, or one to take medications as soon symptoms show up.  So to ingest something when I'm trying to purge my system of all toxins makes no sense.  Suck it up Janins!

*I did some research and discovered that a skin rash can be a side effect of detoxing (your clean blood is now pushing toxins out to your central nervous system, which in turn pushes it out through your skin), so is nausea, fatigue, bad breath, headaches, etc... Everyone has different side effects while detoxing and your experience can be different.  Shit, you may even be lucky enough not to experience any side effects.


The Plan Day 4 - 10/06

My detox cleanse is over. Weighed in at 174.1 - a total of 3.1 lbs down. Now that I can workout, I met with my trainer at 5:30am, my energy level and mood were through the roof. 

That is EXTREMELY rare for me when I go gymming so early. It's amazing what eating the right foods will do for you on so many levels. I did this for the health benefits, the weight loss is just an added bonus.  I'm still itchy and the rash has spread to a lot of my body, but I'm just letting it to do what it needs to do.  My body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal itself.

Stay tuned to read about my experience with The Plan and how reactive foods affect me.



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