I wanted to smoke a cigarette, but ate an apple instead.

People who know me would say I'm a realist leaning more towards the optimistic side of things.  I can always find the silver lining in the worst of situations, I try not to take things too seriously (because life's too short) and I'm usually laughing, happy, making inappropriate jokes, and very rarely do I get that could've, should've, would've feeling. I'd attribute that  to my impulsive and YOLO mentality. 

Although being impulsive and having the YOLO mentality has it's benefits, its not all great. I'm inclined to say it interferes with my discipline, which in turn, leads me to think I have no discipline.  But that can't be true, can it (no discipline)?  I mean, I bush my teeth daily, I wipe from front to back, that takes discipline, right? 

I'll be in the perfect state of mind to start working out, eating right, just be awesome all around.  Things are going great, I feel good, my mood is stellar, the scale is moving in the right direction, my clothes are starting to actually fit (without the help of my faja); great motivation to keep it up, right? WRONG!  That'll last me for about 2 weeks (3 tops) and then, I get pissed off or there's an event that I can't not go to.  And of course, there's usually delicious food and libations at events, how could this thirsty foodie pass that up?! Down the rabbit hole I go.  Because if I eat like shit once, my mindset shifts to "my entire day is ruined with respect to food so I might as well, eat like shit the rest of the day. Tomorrow is a new day". My friend always mocks me when she sees I'm eating something I probably shouldn't be, and loves to throw in my face what I say to her to justify what I'm ingesting, "tomorrow is a new day, right?", then she laughs like an evil villain. Well, no!  Not anymore!  

I've decided that moving forward, instead of letting the rest of my day (and all the effort I've put in, to date) go to shit because I made one bad choice (whether it be with food, alcohol, or whatever); I accept what I did, enjoy the shit out of it, and then continue to have a healthy and productive day instead of beating myself up and feeling even worse at the end of the day for overindulging.  We all know balance is important and this is my solution to balance.

This way I can feel like I indeed do have discipline and also be able to satisfy my impulsive/YOLO self. And for the record, some days I'll opt for the apple and others I'll opt for the cigarette.  

What do you do to keep balance in your life?

Does anyone else have this struggle?

What suggestion(s) do you have for me and others dealing with the same or similar issues?



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